5 Alternatives to Zoom App for Video Conferences & Meetings

Find right free replacement to the popular zoom app for meetings.

Zoom App daily meetings engagement saw a skyrocket peak of 200 million daily, compared to 10 million before lockdown. Amidst the lockdown the video conferencing app became immensely; popular. We bring to you 5 Alternatives to Zoom App that will help you attend virtual meetings and work from home. Zoom Cloud Meetings app was widely used and became popular in a short time because of some of the features like conferencing with up to 100( 500 in paid plans) and screen recording.

Why do we need alternatives to the zoom app?

Recently Zoom App received a lot of backlashes and faced acquisition of safety issues. Many sources claimed that the zoom app shares its data in china. Many Offices, Schools and organizations along with Government have warned the use of zoom app Thus it becomes a necessity to find another option for performing online meetings and conferences.

Top 5 Alternatives to Zoom App for online meetings

Let’s see the top 5 alternatives to the zoom app and find out some best online meeting apps.

1.Google Meet

Probably the most popular online meeting app. Developed by Google, it is easy to use and gives access to essential features. Virtual Conferences can be performed from mobile as well as desktop. Google Meet is capable of holding an online video meeting with up to 250 users at a meet

2.Skype Meet Now

Skype is the most widely used video calling app and is in existence since long, Coming from a very trusted source Microsoft Skype Meet now allows online meetings with ease. What’s best about Skype Meet Now is that people can join the meeting even if they don’t have an account registered. During a meeting, participants can open recent chats, view participants currently in the call, can record the call, mute or unmute the microphone, and send a reaction to the call. It can blur the background before entering the call. One can share presentations and other works in a conference meet now

3.Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx is another video conference app with its free version allowing 50 to 100 participants. It is a good alternative for zoom app and if you don’t wish to use Google Meet or Meet Now. cisco webex meetings is alternative to zoom app

4.Face Time

When all users are using Apple devices then best option is the face time. One of the most secured onlineĀ  meeting app with end to end encryption.It allows a max of 32 people to join. Is Best among alternatives to zoom for apple users .face time

5.Microsoft Meet

Another Online meeting app from Microsoft Directly .Through this app, one can talk to team members in private or in specific channels. Microsoft Meet allows 250 people at once. Meetings can be scheduled in the Teams App and can be joined through outlook account.A good alternative to zoom team is used than zoom app

Other Top Virtual Meetings App to consider as Alternatives to Zoom App

Other than these top 5 alternatives to Zoom App there are many good apps in the playstore .Some of the other options you can consider are :

  • Jitsi Meet
  • StarLeef
  • Whereby
  • Signal

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