5 Best App for Online Classes : Conduct Classes Online easily! [2020]

Apps that will help in conducting classes online in 2020.

There has been a need to find the right app that can help in taking online classes. Colleges, universities, schools, coaching centers, remote education, and distance learning centers have been affected due to the recent break.

Most of the educational and corporate organizations are in search of better apps (software) that can help them to host classes remotely from anywhere and teaching students with ease. Education has come a long way. Evergrowing technology has succeeded in aiding learning. online Study has become a trend.

What is the need for Apps for online class?

And also seeking online knowledge has become easy and fast. There are many apps available that help in organizing classes for teachers through which students can join and study. With video and audio interference these apps also allow presenting their screen. What’s important is finding the best out of these

How Much The Online Class Apps Cost?

One can choose from several available apps from the Google play store and Apple app store. Some of them are free and provide online or virtual education while some are paid.

In this post, we have filtered 10 best apps that will help teachers and tutors to take an online class. Let’s Find Your App:

5 Best App for Online Classes: Conduct Classes Online easily in 2020

1. Google Classroom + Google Meet Together

This combination is by far the most popular and most efficient way of taking classes virtually. Both the apps are from google and popular respectively. Google Meet primarily focuses on Video Meetings and Conferences. Whereas Google Classroom is fully dedicated to providing teaching features. We recommended using both the apps online class

Both the Apps are free and available on Appstore and play store.

2.Virtual Classroom

One of the best, Virtual Classroom App has a great feature of recording and viewing previously conducted classes. this app lets smooth interaction between students and teachers. interacting with live audio and video students can ask a question with the raise hand option. This app consists of a whiteboard tool where the teacher can use to explain things. It also allows viewing and sharing files anytime. Transfer audio, video, and writing controls to attendees online. Online Class is fun with this app and is included in our Best App for Online Class List.

It is important to note that you 5 Best App for Online Classes: Conduct Classes Online easily in 2020may find many apps named similarly as “Virtual Classroom”.

It’s FREE and available on the play store.

3. LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard

LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard is a well-built app with its intuitive visual collaboration features. With over 500K+ Downloads on the Play Store it is a good app. Whats makes it unique is the wide features the app provides. The communication is easy with instant messaging with built-in features. As the title suggests it convert your device into a whiteboard. This helps in drawing and presenting what’s going on in class. It is mainly used for real-time drawing and whiteboard sharing.5 bets apps for conducting online classes

4. EZ talks Webinar

It is one of the best tools available in the top list of virtual classroom services. Educators may use this tool to conduct classroom online with ease. The highlight of the App is that it allows 100 interactive students along with 10,000 viewers in a single classroom. It is Free and provides 1GB free Cloud storage. The Online app provides both private and public conversation and chat. One can also schedule classes for time perfection with EZ Talks Webinar app for online class EZ

Teachers can also give paid classes with Paypal implementation.

5.ZOOM Cloud Meetings: Zoom App [Most popular App for online class]

The most popular (based on no of downloads) virtual meeting app: Zoom App possess great features to conduct meetings and conferences. Zoom cloud Meetings has more than 100,000,000+ downloads. Recently the app was under the heat when many sources claimed the app has security issues.

Zoom App is widely used to conduct classes online. It allows presenting features and many class app

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Some More Apps for Online Class

Some more notable app other than those 5 Apps that can be used in conducting virtual classes:

  1. Cisco Webex Meet
  2. Jitsi Meet
  3. Microsoft Teams

It is no brainer that traditional teaching and education system has been in a reforming process. With the help of technology, the education sector has seen a great change. With more and more virtual acceptance it shouldn’t be surprising in the future when physical institutes are shut and distance learning is the main education.






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