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How to block gambling sites on mobile phones?

4 min read

Sometimes, all you have always wanted with your finances is a feeling of control, discipline, and stability. The reality is that you are not alone. We all want the same thing. We want to be able to curb excesses affecting our finances.

We want to restrict ourselves from spending on certain things we have deemed unnecessary and even toxic. We likewise wish our finances to remain stable over a long period.

With all these motives in mind, blocking your access to mobile gambling is simply a perfect move in an ideal direction (clearly a case of a round peg in a round hole) However, this move might be a daunting task without the right mechanisms in place. You will find it difficult to pull such a noble stunt if there are no pre-existing measures to facilitate such a move.

This article will introduce you to three effective measures existing presently on various platforms that would help ensure you block hour access to mobile gambling and keep your finances on track as you desire.

Use Gamestop self-exclusion

The goal and objective that provoked the United Kingdom Gambling Commission’s action to initiate this new social responsibility code via a nationwide online self-exclusion program is nothing but noble. This scheme’s nobility is apparent when you consider the fantastic results the project has yielded over time.

GamStop Exclusion

You, as a betting lover, will be directly positively impacted by the system. Should you have missed out on this privilege so far, this program will now help online gambling enthusiasts. So that you know, this social responsibility code will me in as a protection for the entire populace (online casino lovers). The Gamstop self-exclusion scheme will protect you from the deep laying hazards of problems and irresponsible betting.

Using this platform allows you to restrict yourself from individual gambling operators who accept online bookies not signed up to GameStop and sites based outside the UK. That way, you can maintain a controlling power over what you spend your money on. You can likewise ensure your finances do not get affected by the harsh effects of problem gambling.

Use gambling blockers

Gambling blockers are another efficient move to keep yourself away from mobile gambling platforms to save your finances in the best way you can. Gambling blockers are several. But, for this article, we have picked out three of the best gambling blockers that will enable you to block out specific online gambling platforms as much as you wish.


However disturbing, what is the fact that these gambling blockers would only work on specific operating software. The reality, sadly, is that due to the varying devices and software versions in Android, Microsoft, and IOS Apple, you need to know what software would work for you. Hence, you must pay adequate attention to what operating software would each of these gambling blockers work well as we proceed.

Owing to this reality, we have made clear distinctions between this software we suggest. Still, you need to check on the information provided on their developer’s websites to know more.

#1 Gamban

Just as the name implies, Gamban comes in handy to ban you from the mobile gambling platforms you select. Gamban is accessible to devices with either the Mac OS, Windows, IOS, or Android software. However, there are still some ways to bypass gaming sites, not on Gamban, and continue betting on sports.

#2 Betfilter

Betfilter is another effective gambling blocking system. This platform helps you filter all your mobile betting platforms and restrict you from the platform(s) you seek to be prohibited from. Betfilter is available for Windows only. But from 2020, it will be available on IOS, OSX, and Android devices.

#3 Gamblock

Just the name you want to hear! This scheme justifies its name as it helps you block online gambling operators according to your preference. Gamblock is available for Windows and Android Devices.

Block gambling transaction through bank

On the back of a declaration by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, banks and other popular financial establishments started to improvise to help their customers in various ways. Amongst the measures that have been created, a prominent one has been mobile banking apps that enable customers to prevent gambling transactions with their credit or debit cards easily.

Block through bank

All this is to these mobile banking apps, you as a lover of gambling can now take satisfaction in the absolute power given to you over where your money goes regarding gambling activities.

The creation and addition of this gambling block enable you as a customer to restrict transactions going to any betting operator, especially online gambling operators, casino operators, or other transactions like The Postcode Lottery.

On a final note, do all of these three measures; you can only enforce the blocks using your data. Based on the foregoing, You do not retain the ability to do the same for anyone else, regardless of the nature of your (you and the other party) relationship. There are still other terms and conditions to be met, as well.