Indiasmileorg covid tells how near Covid-19 Patient is. Indiasmile covid website

indiasmileorg covid locates and track from covid patient. Site by smileindia

India smile org is a website that has a corona tracker and tells you how near COVID-19 is from your current location. You can go to the website here

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The India smile org, IndiaSmile is a Non-Profit and is a fully open-source It also displays other details like total cases, recoveries, deaths, etc. Let’s find out how India smile org COVID location tracker works.


1. Open the website India smile website .You can find a link to smileindia COVID at the end.

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indiasmile org covid


2. Allow access to the location. By this, the website tracks your location

indiasmileorg covid then find ou the nearest location of the area where a patient tested positive.

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Check out our website here! displays the location and tracks the nearest distance of covid.


It is suggested that this distance should not be taken for granted and perfect accuracy. It is just approximation. It is requested to take all precautionary measures, stay at home, and avoid social distancing.

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Is (indiasmilecovid) fake or real?

It is still not clear that this site is true and correct. Different sources claim that indiasmileorg covid is fake and a scam website. We urge not to believe these data or any data regarding such topics that are not coming from an authentic source. Is smileindia covid legit or not is still in doubt. It is important to note that all necessary precautions must be taken.

You can go to indiasmileorg website here!


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