Vivo overtakes Samsung in the Q1 Indian market, Xiaomi on top

Canalys Q1 data Xiaomi remains number one in Indian market among Samsung, Vivo, realme

In a recent report, Vivo has shipped more smartphones than Samsung in India for the first time ever in the past quarter (q1 market in India), according to Canalys data. Vivo’s sales to vendors nearly doubled spiking to 6.7 million units. Which is 20% of the market. Xiaomi, on the other hand, continues to dominate the top position by selling 10.3 million units( equal to 31% market share)

It is interesting to note that Vivo overtook Samsung to become number two in India in the shipment data published by canalys.

Samsung in 3rd place sold 6.3 million units or acquiring about 14% market. Realme and oppo are just behind Samsung with respective ranking on units selling this quarter.

Vivo overtakes Samsung in the Indian market, Xiaomi on top
Vivo overtakes Samsung in the Indian market, Xiaomi on top source:canalys

Realme maintained fourth place with 3.9 million units, while Oppo ended fifth, with 3.5 million units.

For those who don’t, Vivo is owned by BBK. BBK also owns Realme, Oppo and OnePlus. With sales of Vivo, Realme, Oneplus and Oppo combined, BBK easily takes the number one spot with more than 40% market share

Canalys Vivo, Samsung, Xiaomi India Performance in Q1 Market

Vivo has been successful in acquiring the Indian market but it might have to face a tough time ahead. Canalys analyst Madhumita Chaudhary, however, calls Vivo’s victory “bittersweet.” Being the main sponsor of the Indian Premier League, a massively popular Twenty20 cricket league in INDIA that takes place yearly, and Chaudhary says Vivo’s shipments were intended to ensure high levels of stock. Since the IPL season has been postponed and there are chances to be canceled, it will be harder for Vivo to achieve its expected sell-through to consumers even if the lockdown is elevated.

Indian Mobile market witnessed growth with shipments up 12% to 33.5 million units, despite the impact of a nationwide lockdown in the final week of March, due to the coronavirus.

Vendor Q1 2020 shipments (million) Q1 2020

Market share

Q1 2019

shipments (million)

Q1 2019

Market share

Xiaomi  10.3 30.6%  9.5 31.4% 8.4%
Vivo  6.7 19.9%  4.5 15.0% 48.9%
Samsung  6.3 18.9%  7.3 24.4% -13.7%
Realme  3.9 11.7%  1.3 4.5% 200.0%
Oppo  3.5 10.4%  2.8 9.5% 22.4%
Others 2.8 8.5%  4.6 15.2% -34.6%
Total  33.5 100.0% 30.0 100.0% 11.5%

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